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Last date for receiving 2014 Calendar orders is 13th December - see the Calendar page for ordering information.

Many thanks to those of you who have already ordered and received your calendars and Season's Greetings to everyone with my best wishes for 2014.



Hello everyone, You may be pleased to hear that Ken and I will be returning to Appie's in March 2014 however we will not be running the tearoom in the same way. The effect of the last 2 years has meant that we would struggle to lease or sell it as a tearoom (my regrets to those of you who went and did not enjoy their visit!) and so we are going to return to live in the house and use the tearoom/gallery as our playspace.

Over the past few months I have taken up spinning and so will be using half the dining room as my playspace, the workshop area will be the 'stock' room/shop and the gallery is going to provide Ken with a private space in which to enjoy his music.

If any of you should like to come and visit us you would be most welcome and we may even be able to rustle up a bowl of soup or oatcakes and cheese (possibly even a rhubarb crumble when the rhubarb season gets going). I've already made the chutney and have a list of soups to try out on you! We will only have table space for 10 or so people and you would have to share one long table so as a consequence we ask that if you do intend a visit please phone us first to check a) that we will be there, b) that there is room at the table for you and c) I have enough soup left!. We will not be advertising the tearoom so this service will only be available to those in the know.... you!

Having thought that I had retired from public life I found that I really missed the company so do come and visit please, I've missed you all. We are really looking forward to the next stage of our lives and hope we can share it with you.

Cheerio for now and see you in 2014.

Telephone before visiting : 01856 841562

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