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Pam Farmer

I first realised that I had what people describe as ‘an eye’ for photography shortly after coming to live here in Orkney in December 1998. While initially focusing on close-up details of rocks and rock-pools etc., I have gradually widened my horizon to include Orkney’s ever-changing landscape. The vast expanse of sky and dramatic changes in weather allow images of Orkney to be captured showing her in all her glorious moods. Close-ups are still my passion though and I take great delight in finding beauty within the most ordinary, mundane articles. I hope you enjoy this insight into Orkney through my eyes, from cloud reflections in the still lochs to storm lashed beaches, from a single blade of grass to the vast expanse of a summer sky, from ripples on rock-pools to crimson red sunsets – in short the colours, textures, shapes and patterns that make Orkney such a special place.



One month per sheet. £10.50 inc. postage - please add 50p for each additional copy required. Cheques made payable to Pam Farmer - see the Contact page for the address.

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